Nissan Leaf

The Value Of Zero

Nissan wanted to own the electric vehicle market with the Nissan Leaf, we came up with campaign to own ZERO, something no other car could do.

We created a fully integrated 360 campaign around the notion of the Value of Zero, zero being worth nothing in math, but everything to the environment, life, and our planet. Using a combination of custom imagery and stock images, we created a unique, interactive campaign to get people to start thinking about how they affect the World around them. The campaign included a 60 and 30 second TV spot, social media, huge outdoor boards including Time Square and building wraps all across the country. A fun, witty, non-traditional campaign for a revolutionary product.

Credit: TBWA Chiat Day, John Figone, Margaret Keen, Chris Adams

Campaign Case Study


Outdoor Billboard

Social Experience

Social Experience

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