Nissan Quest

The toughest job on the planet just got a little easier.

With their well-known slogan “Innovation for family, innovation for all” Nissan Quest appears on the market
to make “The toughest job in the planet” which is, being a mom, a little easier. For this particular case in
which we wanted to portray a regular day in a mom’s life, we created a full 360 campaign that included
Television, the first iAd for the iPad and iPhone iAd, print, banners, social media, and partnerships with the
Oprah Winfrey Network and Disney Studios, the whole spectrum.
The highlight of the campaign was a pair of iAds created for Apple’s mobile platform. Working with Apple
developers proved to be successful by pushing the technology beyond what has been created thus far. By
creating original content from video and HTML, we provide users and customers a fully immersive

Credit: TBWA Chiat Day, John Figone, Margaret Keen, Chris Adams

Year: 2017
Time Spent: 2 weeks



Partnership (Disney)

Social Experience

Display Advertising