Jeffry’s Wine Country BBQ

Branding & Logo Design

From a successful and well-known catering company in Paso Robles, Jeffry’s decided to expand its services
to a large-scale restaurant for visitors and locals in the downtown area. Betting on an incredible concept of
“Wine Country BBQ”, and with a promising menu that includes a diversity of beers, a wine list, BBQ,
American food, and comfort food, all they needed was a branding that, like their concept, made them stand
out, for an audience of high standards. That is exactly what we did by creating a logo that combines all
these characteristics, and that also adds elegance and distinction, in accordance with what Jeffry’s has to
offer. After only one year managing this concept and positioning its brand, Jeffry’s was able to open a
second store.

Credit: Jeffrys Catering

Year: 2017
Time Spent: 2 weeks

Sign Mockup