As an Imagineer, I worked on an attraction called Habit Heroes. It’s is an attraction that promotes a healthy lifestyle for youth and families by learning about hydration, nutrition, and activity through becoming a Habit Hero. We created both in-park hero missions as well as mobile comics to play at home. The exclusive in-park mission is a scavenger hunt around Epcot to find sources of good energy, which leads the guest back into the habit hero kiosk to complete the mission. Guests can also download the app which tells the story of how to live a healthy lifestyle and become a habit hero yourself. The app also contains functional widgets that encourage activities and challenges that help progress you through the story. The final chapter is completed at Disney World and thus creating a full loop experience from mobile to park.
Year: 2017
Time Spent: 2 weeks

Habit Heroes Attraction

Innoventions Attraction

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