Nissan Versa (feat.)

The all-new Versa needed a fully-integrated campaign that shows the “Most _____ per dollar of any car in America”. Included is four television spots, iPad 2 experience, spectacular outdoor, award-winning website, a Facebook competition, and print media. In all the campaign was a success and helped the Versa lead in sales for sub-compacts during the campaign launch.

We set the big idea with 4 TV commercials emphasizing the most room in the smaller car.

Generated awareness on the go with a Gyroscope Capable iAd

Made an award winning Social Media Site – – with Google’s help created a utility to record and map the best road trips. Users submitted theirs and we sent them on their way while documenting their experiences. Create a trip, add your friends, and share. You may win a Versa and a sponsored roadtrip.

Adam Corolla joined in on the fun.

Giant billboards through Times Square showed off the style of the campaign. pushed the idea to potential buyers

Millions of users on the Yahoo Homepage explored the ride.